sól philosophy

hi-performance sports apparel direct from the manufacturer

​In Norse mythology sól is the sun goddess. sól is the only sun goddess, in all mythology, personified as female. The English word soul, not coincidentally, is pronounced the same way as the Norse - sól. The sun or sól is the source of energy on earth and our soul's desire is the source of our applied motivational energy.

The essence of physical fitness is a combination of our mental motivation, and the action of exertion of our physical energy. The combining of these forces results in increased health, increased stamina, and an increase in sense of well being - the ultimate mind/body blend.

Sól Activewear creates essential fitness apparel for women that is superior in quality/performance and classic in form. We keep the design of our products simple, with just a nod to "fashion". Keeping design elements to a minimum allows us to produce high quality activewear here in the United States at reasonable cost.


We own our factory. Team members supervising production have supervised day to day operations at other, A+ rated, hi-performance sports apparel factories, here in the US for many years collectively. We give experienced sewing machine supervisors economic incentive to be a part of a mentoring program for apprentice sewing machine operators to grow and develop with us. We offer living wages and build strong relationships from top to bottom within our company. Every one of our employees is valued and appreciated in the same way. 


Making products in the USA adds to the growth of our country's economy. Making affordable products that support physical fitness is a way Sól Activewear can help perpetuate health and happiness.

Live in sól!